OCT | Five Weeks Away

Where to begin?

Last Saturday we started the five-week countdown to hike the Oregon Coast Trail (OCT). On Sunday, June 4th, we’ll touch the mouth of the Columbia River on the northern border of Oregon and Washington. Three weeks and nearly 400 miles later we hope to cross the border into California, pop a cold one and declare victory. Sounds simple, right? Five of us together, a merry band of travelers venturing into something that none of us have ever done before. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I started this blog knowing that plenty will go wrong. And when it does it might be fun to capture it. We can post all the photos and write down all the crazy stories so our kids have something to show their kids and everyone can laugh at what idiots we were. Or if we’re lucky, what idiots we still are. Since I love twiddling around with software and technology, I figured a brand new website to wrap around the whole experience was a perfect opportunity for me to try something new. Obviously, I’m not the first person to do this but it’s plenty of challenge regardless. It’s a project with the best kind of balance for me — A bit of art and science to go along with whole helpings of endurance sports and the outdoors. And beer. Of course.

As I type this first post — on my phone to practice what it’ll be like to do this on the road — I’m not entirely sure who will read it or when. The blog is live but I haven’t told anyone about it yet. Reduces the pressure a little I think. Gives me time to figure out how to be interesting. Or at least not mind-numbingly boring. That said, I might just turn around and post this to Facebook tonight. Who knows? Won’t be the first or last time I’ve said “what the hell” and pulled the trigger on something most people wouldn’t do. Kind of like this whole idea of hiking the OCT I suppose.

What are we thinking?!!

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