OCT | Day 12 | Florence 


Day 12 was a rest and recharge day at the midpoint of our trek. We did laundry, shopped for groceries and got to spend some quality time in the town of Florence.

The Lighthouse Inn was our base of operations. Cute little place, close to Old Town Florence.

We booked the family suite which provided two rooms and an adjoining bathroom. The front of the inn had a big great room where guests could congregate and we could take our Day 12 pictures.

Florence had a nice town-wide shuttle bus called the Rhody Express. $2 to ride all day. We made great use of it. 

We did laundry where Jill and Christy got to model the latest in thrift store fashion.

There were puzzles to do while the laundry spun.

We stocked up on food and ate and drank. Some of our group napped and others did more puzzles. 

We met lots of great people. Many were fascinated by our adventure so we got to tell our story over and over. It was a nice, relaxing day that put some extra fuel in all our tanks.

We expected a terrible storm with high winds today but it materialized. We got some rain but nothing we hadn’t already walked through already that week. The stay in Florence was well-earned regardless. 

Day 12 mileage was ZERO with NO elevation. Total walking to this point — 188.8 miles.