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We’re excited to have you join the Questing community! This guide is designed to provide some basic information so you can learn a few things about Questing and get off to a great start with the app.

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What is Questing?

Install the App

Join a Quest

Set Your Profile

Pursue a Quest

What is Questing?

The Questing app was developed with a simple goal — To encourage people to get out and find adventure in their daily lives.

We believe people should both travel the world and explore their local communities. We feel that the greatest adventures often happen while you’re on your way to doing something else. Destinations are great but many times it’s the journey that really counts. The story of our lives is written into these journeys and the friends we meet along the way. That is what Questing is all about.

We believe that most people are naturally competitive and they like to accomplish things. What Questing does is lay out challenges for you to complete. These are the Quests. For example, you might decide that you want to go to each of the 50 U.S. states or visit every country in the world. While you’re there, we think you should find the oldest bar, visit the capitol, and go hike up to the nearest high point. And while you’re doing all that, stop at that little diner or brewery you noticed along the highway or play disc golf at a local course. That is what Questing is all about.

How do you get started? Read on to learn how to install the app, sign up, and get to Questing!

Install the App

Join the Beta

The Questing app is currently in BETA release. Eventually, it will be available to everyone but for now you have to be invited to join the community. Send an email to [email protected] to get on the list. If you’ve already been invited, read on!

Get the App

Questing runs on both Apple iPhones and Android phones. Choose the section below that applies to you.

Apple iPhone

If you want to install the Questing app on your iPhone, you have to first install the free TestFlight app:

  • Open the App Store app on your phone
  • Search for “TestFlight”
  • Install the app

Once you’re invited to the Questing community, you will receive an email from TestFlight. Open that email from your phone. The email will contain a link you can use to accept the invitation and join the BETA.

If you haven’t received an email from TestFlight, send a message to [email protected] for assistance.

Once you accept the invitation, open TestFlight and you should see the Questing app listed. Tap the Install button to install it.

Android phone

Once you’re invited to the Questing community as an Android user, you can install Questing directly from the built-in Google Play app:

  • Open Google Play on your phone
  • Search for “Questing”
  • Install the app

If you have any issues finding the Questing app in Google Play or any problems with the installation, send an email to [email protected] for assistance.

Allow Permissions

The Questing app requires certain permissions from your phone to provide the best possible  experience. The details will differ based on whether you are running an iPhone or Android phone.

Apple iPhone

When you launch the Questing app for the first time:

  • You will be prompted to Allow “Questing” to use your location.
  • Tap Allow While Using App.
  • You will be prompted that “Questing” Would Like to Send You Notifications.
  • Tap Allow.

You can remove these permissions at any time by running the Settings app on your phone.

Android phone

To allow Questing to use the location on your Android phone:

  • Find the Questing app in your launcher screen
  • Long-press the icon and select App info
  • Tap on Permissions
  • If the Location permission is listed under Allowed, you are done
  • If the Location permission is listed under Not Allowed, tap on it and select Allow only while using the app.

You can remove these permissions at any time by running the Android Settings app.

Sign in to Questing

When you launch the Questing app for the first time, you will see the Sign In screen:

You have the option to directly sign in using a Google (Gmail) account or create a Questing account using a separate email address.

Sign in with Google

To sign in to Questing using a Google account:

  • Tap the Sign in with Google button
  • The app will ask your permission to sign in. Tap Continue
  • Choose the Google account you want to use
  • Enter your credentials (if you are asked)

At this point, you should be signed in to the app.

Create a new account

To create a new Questing account using your email:

  • Tap the Need to create an account? button. The Sign Up screen will be displayed:
  • Enter your Email address and preferred password
  • Tap the SIGN UP button
  • You will be sent an email entitled Questing verification code
  • Open the email to get the necessary code
  • Return to the Questing app and enter the code
  • Tap the COMPLETE SIGN UP button.

At this point, you should be signed in to the app.

Join a Quest

After you sign in to Questing for the first time, the Welcome screen will be displayed:

From here, you can Search for Quests to join or view Nearby Locations that might interest you.

Search for Quests

To search for quests, tap the bouncing PLUS button in the upper right corner of the Welcome screen. The Available Quests screen will be displayed:

From the Available Quests screen, you can search for quests, tap one you are interested in, review the objectives, and join the quest for yourself.

Nearby Locations

To search for nearby locations that might interest you, tap the icon in the upper left corner of the Welcome screen. The Nearby Locations screen will be displayed:

Each locations in the list is part of a quest you can join. The locations at the top are the ones closest to you. Tap on any entry to review the details.

Set Your Profile

To set your profile, click the icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. This will show the Profile screen:

Tap the icon in the upper right corner to open the Settings screen:

Tap the top panel to display your Account page:

Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Location (if you want) and click Save. See below:

Tap the “camera” icon within the GREEN circle on the left side to upload a profile picture. This image will then display as your avatar everywhere in the app:

Pursue a Quest

Once you’ve joined a quest, you can start working to complete it. For example, if you join the NBA Arenas quest and open it, you can see all of the objectives you must complete:

Switching to the Quest tab will display general details for the quest, including the current leaderboard:

Tapping the Map tab will show the entire quest displayed on a map:

Tapping the Activity tab will show all previous check-ins for the quest.

Checking In

Quest objectives have one of the following statuses:

UnfinishedYou haven’t checked in (yet).
AchievedYou checked in but you weren’t at the required location.
VerifiedYou met the specified location requirements when you checked in.

Tapping the Footprint Center entry in the NBA Arenas list above will allow you to check in to that objective. If you are close to the actual location, the screen should look similar to this:

The Questing app will always tell you what your current location is by displaying a spinning icon. For objectives that can be described by a single point on the map, the app will display a shaded circle to show how close you must be to that location to verify the check-in.

In the screenshot above, a check-in would earn the Verified status.

In screenshot below, you’d earn the Achieved status because your location isn’t *quite* close enough:

To check in to an objective, tap the small Check In button at the bottom of the screen. This will display the Check In screen:

From the Check In screen, you can enter a comment then tap the large CHECK IN button to complete the process. 

The result of a Verified check-in to Footprint Center is shown below:

The result of an Achieved check-in is shown below:

Achieved check-ins are perfectly valid but only Verified check-ins count toward the leaderboard.