New Questing Graphics

Hey, Questing community!

After much consideration, I finally made a decision about the new graphics for Questing. The feedback I received from everyone was amazing. Thank you! In the end, there were two options that split the vote, and one that ultimately worked the best in the actual app. See below for the final results.

Those of you that preferred option 21 will likely be disappointed. I feel bad about that. Unfortunately, while option 21 was absolutely the “cleverest” approach (many thanks to those who suggested the original idea!), that cleverness was lost when I shrank the image to a smaller icon. Trust me, I tried about everything to try to make it work. But even in large form, I found myself explaining to people what they were looking at, which is always a bit of a red flag.

Option 12 was equally as popular and translated well to all the sizes and formats that we need. Hopefully, everyone will agree once they see the final result that this was the right choice.

If you’re curious to link first, second, and third place to the original option numbers, those are listed under the graphics below. In short, it was option 12, 21, then 16.

Thank you again for participating in our little crowdsourced design process. I’m super pleased with how it went. I look forward to “bugging” everyone again on future decisions.

More importantly, thank you for being a supporter of Questing!


Option 12


Option 21


Option 19